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Ecma/ISO Standards

We are members of the Ecma/ISO Standards committees for the Common Language Runtime and the C# Programming Language.

Joining Ecma

To participate in the standardization process, contact your organization’s Ecma representative (New Zealanders, see below). If your company does not currently participate in Ecma and wishes to do so, please contact Ecma directly.

For New Zealanders

If you are in New Zealand and have any questions on the Standards process you may if you wish email Dr Nigel Perry – perryresearch AT THE DOMAIN zoot DOT net DOT nz – who is a member of the Ecma CLI and C# committees.

C# Annotated Standard

The C# Annotated Standard contains version 4 of the Ecma/ISO C# Language Standard, complete with errata.

Furthermore spread throughout the text are some 400 anotations written by the language authors, Standard Commitee members, C# implementors, and others. These annotations range from in depth explanations of C#’s semantics, code samples designed to illuminate the new language features, to anecdotes on the history and implementation.

This is the definitive book on Ecma/ISO C#.

C# Annotated Standard, Jon Jagger, Nigel Perry & Peter Sestoft, Morgan Kaufmann, 2007, ISBN 978-0-12-372511-0

Questions, Brickbats and Bouquets

Send any of these to: kahu AT THE DOMAIN zoot DOT net DOT nz.