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Ecma/ISO Standards

We are members of the Ecma/ISO Standards committees for the Common Language Runtime and the C# Programming Language.

The C# Annotated Standard contains the latest version of the Ecma/ISO C# Language Standard, complete with errata.

Furthermore spread throughout the text are some 400 anotations written by the language authors, Standard Commitee members, C# implementors, and others. These annotations range from in depth explanations of C#’s semantics, code samples designed to illuminate the new language features, to anecdotes on the history and implementation.

This is the definitive book on Ecma/ISO C#.

C# Annotated Standard, Jon Jagger, Nigel Perry & Peter Sestoft, Morgan Kaufmann, 2007, ISBN 978-0-12-372511-0

CLI: Non-Strict Evaluation, Higher Rank Types, ...

We have worked on ways to implement non-strict evaluation, higher-rank types, higher-kinded types, and who knows what else on the CLI. Our platform for testing the techniques developed is a Haskell for .NET compiler we produced in-house. We originally hoped to have a version of this compiler available for distribution however the project finished and the people moved on before this was done. One day maybe, but don’t hold your breath!

You may have landed on this page from following a link for Mondrian. This was a project originally started by Erik Meijer which later moved to New Zealand. Mondrian was a functional language specifically designed to inter-operate with other languages in an OO environment and versions existed for the JVM and CLI. Mondrian also supported ASP.NET, allowing you to embed functional language code in web pages along with C# code. The project predates our in-house Haskell work, has not been kept up-to-date with CLI releases, and we no longer make it available.

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